Large Chains Report Strong Quarterly Sales

December 1, 2003
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December 1-15, 2003 Edition Large Chains Report

Strong Quarterly Sales

NEW YORK, NY/11/21./03—The two top bookstore retailers have reported strong sales for the third quarter.

Barnes & Noble Bookstores reported a 9.7 percent increase in sales for the third quarter to $926.2 million, while Borders posted a 7.7 percent gain in third quarter sales to $807.9.

Barnes & Noble Superstore sales rose 4.5 percent for the quarter, a trend that is expected to continue into the fourth quarter.

Borders, which turned last year’s quarterly losses into a small profit this quarter, also reported a 1.5 percent increase in superstore sales. The chain, which declared its first dividend of 8 cents per share, projects a better holiday season this year. Borders’ international sales grew to $94.7 million for the quarter.

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