Fantasy Series Website Honored in Best Books Awards

October 23, 2008
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October 23 – October 30, 2008 Edition

Fantasy Series
Website Honored
in Best Books Awards

LANCASTER, Texas/10/21/08-The Green Stone of Healing(r) epic fantasy website is among the finalists of the 2008 National Best Books Awards sponsored by


The award-winning website,, is honored in the Best Website Design category. The site provides much-needed background for a complex saga packed with romance, intrigue, mysticism, and adventure. First-generation heroine Helen Andros is also now contributing "Helen's Harpings" to the series' blog, StoneScribe,


More than 500 winners and finalists were chosen in over 140 categories covering print and audio books. Awards were presented for titles published in 2008 and late 2007. Jeff Keen, president/CEO of, says there were an unprecedented number of entries for the contest's fifth year. The Green Stone of Healing(r) fictional epic explores what happens when politics and piety collide in an island nation called Azgard. Theocrats plot to impose total control over Azgard but end up destroying their country and much of the rest of the world.

The series portrays four generations of strong-willed heroines who use their mysterious gem to offer a healing, inclusive alternative to the hate-filled bigotry of religious tyrants.

The website tries to convey a sense of doom and hope at the same time," says C.L. Talmadge, author of the series, which is published by HealingStoneBooks, In addition to keeping readers posted about news and gossip from Azgard, Helen also plans to blog about political events in the author's world. "Just like Democratic candidate Barack Obama, I am a mixed-race person," she points out. "He seems to be doing a much better job than I am in bridging two races and cultures. My author says she is voting for him, a good thing since she will hear about it in no uncertain terms from me if she does not." Want a Better Website ( is the development-design team for the website.

The first three books in the series-The Vision, Fallout, and The Scorpions Strike-are available as paperbacks at any online bookstoreor by order through traditional outlets and as e-books.

Browse the entire contents of all three books at the HealingStoneBooks online book shelf:

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