Borders Debuts New Video Book Club Episode

July 31, 2008
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July 24 – July 31, 2008 Edition

Borders Debuts

New Video Book

Club Episode

ANN ARBOR/MI/8/29/08–First-time author Brunonia Barry’s "The Lace Reader" is a mystery that explores the fascinating notion that one’s future can be revealed in bits of lace. Published by William Morrow and set in history-rich Salem, Mass., the story features some of the most unforgettable characters and themes imaginable. Barry’s book, which goes on sale today, is getting a lot of well-deserved attention in literary circles, yet leading book retailer Borders is making sure that this novel also gets the attention of its millions of customers nationwide through an unprecedented online and in-store marketing campaign Borders is putting behind The Lace Reader that includes a "Borders Book Club" online video program. Beginning today, the program can be viewed at under "BordersMedia."

"We are absolutely thrilled to have Brunonia Barry on the ‘Borders Book Club’ because ‘he Lace Reader is one of the most compelling and well-crafted literary fiction titles that we have seen in some time," said Jennifer Northcutt, fiction buyer for Borders Group. "When this book was first presented to us at Borders, we immediately recognized the incredible appeal that its story, characters, themes, and setting would have for our customers in particular. Wasting no time, we decided to put all of our might behind this book so that it could not escape the notice of our customers because we know they will absolutely love it as much as we do. The Borders Book Club episode that we launched today is our exclusive way to reach millions of people in an intimate, unscripted way where the author and the story are explored through the discussion that takes place during a neighborhood book club meeting," Northcutt added.

The Lace Reader episode of the "Borders Book Club" is approximately 25 minutes and features Barry and seven members of a book club based in Chelsea, Mich., who meet in a unique historic home to discuss the story behind the book and its themes. Barry traveled to Michigan to join the book club in person and engage in an intimate discussion that was captured on tape by Borders. The original program features conversation about the inspiration behind The Lace Reader, which came to Barry in a dream she had about reading the future by staring at a piece of lace. The members of the book club and Barry go on to discuss the abused and battered women from the book who rebuild their lives by spinning lace and the author talks extensively about the history and culture of Salem, Mass., where the story is set. In addition, Barry covers the personal story of publishing her book and the process that she uses as a writer. The Borders Book Club episode ends with a discussion of how Barry wanted to — and did — write a "heroes journey for women."

A link to the Borders Book Club segment was e-mailed today to members of the Borders Rewards loyalty program — which now number over 27 million — who subscribe to the Borders "Shortlist," a weekly e-mail that is filled with interesting recommendations and insights from Borders as well as valuable savings opportunities. In addition, the program was posted on at . also features a special page devoted to the book at .

All Borders stores nationwide beginning today are featuring The Lace Reader on front-of-store tables that cannot be missed. Borders made the decision to treat the book as an immediate bestseller and is therefore pricing it at 40% off for Borders Rewards members and buyers online and 30% off for non-members. In addition, this fall, Borders will have a printed book club discussion guide in its stores and has decided to make "The Lace Reader" a pick for its highly regarded "Original Voices" program, which puts special emphasis on emerging literary talents and their work. Thousands of booksellers throughout the retailer’s stores nationwide have been receiving information about "The Lace Reader" for weeks so that they can personally recommend the title to customers looking for a great read.

"Just as Brunonia Barry has made a great statement with ‘The Lace Reader,’ Borders is making a strong statement to our customers that this is a book they really cannot miss," Northcutt concluded.

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