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Design & Production

Digital book design is tricky. The process requires special knowledge of the newest digital book formats like Kindle KF8 and Nook’s new EPIB. The underlying programming involved in both today’s e-books and PDF print-on-demand is complex. A source document that is incorrectly laid out may fail to provide the look an author intended when the work is converted to e-book or print-on-demand. Many details must be considered, including image size, font usage, interior layout, the target reading device for which the work is being designed, and a bunch more.

For example, incorrect image sizes, spacing and hyphenation can cause a finished book to look weird, unless done by a professional. Our team of experienced artists create books that are specially created for you, making sure that the underlying design also functions well both in print and on the e-reading devices you are targeting. For a price quote on just design or on a whole package of services, just click Get a Price Quote.

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