Thank You Mercury by Carmen Gloria

Carmen Gloria's Debut Children's Book Receives First Review

May 30, 2019
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Debut author and illustrator CARMEN GLORIA receives her first review by The Children’s Book Review, and it is fantastic!

Author-illustrator Carmen Gloria shines a spotlight on the smallest, fastest, and innermost planet in the solar system, Mercury, while also introducing the 7 additional planets that orbit the sun. Mercury is known as the messenger in both astrology and mythology, and in Thank You, Mercury, this tiny and curious planet has the job of notifying all of the other planets that a sun storm is on the way. In this picture book blend of fiction and non-fiction, the planets each receive this important message and stay safe through the storm.

As Mercury’s message of the sun storm travels through space, readers meet Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune—with Pluto receiving an honorable mention. Through brief conversation with the planets we learn about some of their unique traits. Humor is added, too; such as when Jupiter is described as a gas giant with over 70 moons: “He farts a lot, but his many moons and the other planets are used to it.” Basic questions and answers are provided in the informative back matter of the book, covering the learning elements provided within the pages of the story. “Which planet has the most moons? Jupiter.”

Side note: Along with her love of space, it is highly possible that the author has a love of candy, as the text includes a few sweet shout-outs to gummy bears and chocolate.

While focusing on one planet, Carmen Gloria provides a quick and snappy intro to the solar system as a whole, that will surely provide a little fun for budding galactic astronomers, planetary astronomers, stellar astronomers, and solar astronomers—also known as kids who love all things “space” related.
—The Children’s Book Review

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