El Segundo Hijo by Charles Sailor

Charles Sailor’s Bestselling Novel: The Second Son (Spanish version)

October 22, 2017
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Authorlink helped New York Times bestselling author Charles Sailor develop the English, Spanish and French ebook and print versions of his novel, THE SECOND SON. We also guided Charlie through the distribution process with Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. The Spanish and French versions did not exist in digital form. We were challenged to scan, convert and format the works for today’s marketplace. 


His name is Joseph Turner, a brave young construction worker, who rescues an imperiled co-worker trapped on a swaying iron girder twenty-four stories high-only to slip and plummet to the pavement below. Horrified onlookers are astonished and the world is stunned by what happens next…Suddenly, miraculously, Joseph Turner is granted a rematch with life. Only this time with a beautiful unusual power. An astounding adventure, a romance of tenderness and passion, a spiritual thriller that spans time and the world-THE SECOND SON is all these, and above all, gripping edge-of-the-seat entertainment.

Spanish Translation:

El milagro: Muy alto, sobre la Quinta Avenida de Manhattan, un joven trabajador de la construcción cae desde el piso veinticuatro de un rascacielos. Pero lo que pudo convertirse en tragedia, provoca la más extraordinaria cadena de acontecimientos que haya ocurrido en casi 2000 años.El amante: Y sucede que los dirigentes mundiales, desde Washington hasta el Vaticano, aclaman a Joseph Turner como salvador. Pero Joseph Turner no desea tener parte en ello. El quiere el amor de Maggie Dillon, la hermosa mujer cuyo pasado podría destruirlo. Y quiere volver a ser un hombre de trabajo, remontarse, en las macizas vigas de hierro, sobre el rutilante cielo de la ciudad de Nueva York.

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