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A Solid Track Record in Traditional and Digital Book Publishing

About Authorlink: Since 1996, Authorlink has been involved in traditional New York publishing with some of the largest houses, including Random House, St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Schuster, McGraw-Hill and others.

As an experienced leader in print-on- demand and e-book publishing, we personally coach our clients through the often baffling digital process. We’ve been there, done that, developing more than 250 top quality e-books and print books every year. You might say we’ve been on every side of the desk (and, okay, sometimes even under it). Point is, we really do know what we are doing in both publishing and technology. Not everybody trying to sell you e-book services can make that claim. We strive to deliver a positive digital book publishing experience for you–at the most competitive price. Our services include the latest audio, video, and speech enhancements, and the new fixed formats, including Nook Kids (EPIB), Apple Fixed, and Kindle’s KF8. We’re approved vendors for all the major retailers, plus Sony, Kobo and more. We can be your visionary too. Pick a service on our main menu to learn more.

About Authorlink, A Reliable News Source for Writers and Publishing Professionals

OUR COMMUNITY: Authorlink is the award-winning online news, information, and marketing service for editors, agents, producers, writers, and readers.  Established in March 1996, we are among the longest-running and largest publishing and writing communities on the Internet.

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VITAL RELATIONSHIPS. We're the vital link between editors, agents, writers, and readers. Through our strong personal relationships with industry professionals, we have a solid track record for helping writers find agency representation and sell their work to major houses.

ESSENTIAL SEARCHABLE TOOLS for editors, agents, writers, and readers: Authorlink provides extensive searchable databases of industry news, articles, author interviews, reviews, and other vital information—one of the broadest and most timely resources ever assembled for the trade. New information is added every day, plus breaking news and a monthly featured edition.

About the Founder

Doris Booth, CEO AuthorlinkDoris Booth began her career as an award-winning newspaper editor and journalist. She was the youngest editor in the State of Texas to head a division of a major newspaper chain. Later she served as public relations coordinator for the then Chairman of the U.S.  House Ethics Committee and the House Science and Technology Committee.  She founded Authorlink in 1996 after having headed her own successful advertising and marketing agency which served Fortune 1000 companies, including high-tech organizations such as SAP america.  She has long been on the leading edge of technology, and was among the first to embrace print-on-demand and e-book publishing.  As editor-in-chief of Authorlink she has edited and marketed many books, and continues to represent a small, closed group of successful authors via Authorlink Literary Group, a separate division of Authorlink. She has lectured for a number of writing organizations, including the Whidbey Island MFA Writing Program.