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Selecting an E-Book Publisher

One E-book Publisher Is Not Like Another

When selecting an e-book publisher you'll want the best one to fit your specific needs. There re four main types of conversion companies.

  1. the e-book publisher who is actually just an order taker for people who do the work
  2. the one-horse publisher who has downloaded a free piece of conversion software and decides he, too, can be an e-book publisher
  3. the big fat do-it-allpublisher whom you can never talk to and who takes a fat fee out of your royalty check for taks you could easily learn to do yourself and save some bucks. 
  4. the e-book publisher who is certified by all major retailers, converts hundreds of books per year, and walks you through how to ditribute for yourself so that you can keep your royalties. That's us!.

Authorlink and its allied vendors are approved by Amazon Kindle, Apple, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo and Sony. Our converted e-books are all validated to meet strict retailer requirements. We are well-versed in both print-on-demand  and e-book publication.

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