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Railhead by Guy Franks

Ronald Reagan in the Old West. It seems like a natural fit—he did, after all, star in a number of Hollywood westerns. But more than that, the Reagan story reads like a western. He was a plain-speaking man who came into town and took on the bad guys, rallied the townspeople, got shot, triumphed over adversity, and turned around the fortunes of the town. To conservatives and fans of Reagan, parts of his story have already become legend, and in this novel I have set out to mythologize that legend using the Old West as the backdrop Read more »

The Struggle for Global Values by Dennis Dunn

The Struggle is a book on religion and history. Its audience is the broad reading public who are interested in why there is conflict between the United States and other Western countries and Islamic nations and non-Western countries like Russia Read more »

The Seneca Scourge by Carrie Rubin

The Seneca Scourge (Whiskey Creek Press) A young physician, caught up in the worst influenza pandemic of all time, teams up with a mysterious new research virologist, whose motivation to contain the deadly virus may prove different from her own Read more »

Habsburg Honor and Nazi Loyalty by Tom Joyce

This is the first of three completed novels in which fictional Vienna Police Inspector KARL MARBACH is a central character. The story takes place in mid April of 1938, one month after the Anschluss, the Nazi annexation of Austria. Although born into a poor family, the police inspector identifies with the deposed Royal House of Habsburg. In his work and in his life, the police inspector prides himself on being guided by reason, not emotion. His lover is Volkstheater actress CONSTANZE TANDLER. He is concerned that her emotional hatred of Nazism is putting her in danger Read more »

Surviving the Apartheid Nightmare and Overcoming its Legacy by Thomas Ranuga

Surviving the Apartheid Nightmare and Overcoming its Legacy Thomas Ranuga Summary Surviving the Apartheid Nightmare and Overcoming its Legacy is a memoir whose ultimate objective is to trace in forthright terms the trying and painful odyssey of the author before, during and even after Apartheid. It is a uniquely personal story about the long Read more »

A Matter of National Security by Del Cundiff

A Matter of National Security Del Cundiff Summary After nine years as a Navy SEAL, Mike Stone suffers a minor injury halting his Navy career in the prime of life. A few weeks later a mysterious billionaire convinces Mike that his country needs his skills once again, only this time there are no rules Read more »

Anathema by David Dalessandro

1856. A bookish medical student, a feisty eighteen-year-old Quaker maid, a lesbian naturalist and a grizzled war veteran team up to destroy a monstrous creature that arrives in the hold of a derelict whaling vessel. A novel that combines the rich period detail of “The Alienist” with the “we need to kill the monster” urgency of ” Jaws.” Read more »

ARSIS by Twane Markson

The fictional book I have written is intended for entertainment and is designed to give the reader a weekend of enjoyable reading. To this end, it is short and to the point containing 140 pages, 37,000 words. I have used high points in entertainment that I have experienced over 60 years to convey the story. It is a tale of renewal. I use the technique of identifying the speakers used in “Our Gang” by P. Roth and, like his work, mine is not a play. I might characterize it as a novelette. It would probably make a good chick lit Read more »

Skids by Johnny McKeever

This work is a view of combat through the eyes of a nineteen year old helicopter pilot who learned to become a highly skilled and respected pilot through his own grit and determination. His combat experiences include the Battle for Hue, Tet Offensives, Khe Sahn (Marines), Covert ops into Laos and North Vietnam (SOG), Hunter-Killer missions, Ashau Valley (1st Cav), Ashau Valley (101st Airborne). Born July 22,1948 he flew some 600 combat missions before his twentieth birthday. Earning a Distinguished Flying Cross after just four months in Vietnam he was perhaps its youngest recipient of the Vietnam War Read more »