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The War To End All Wars

The War to End All Wars juxtaposes the great global catastrophe of the First World War with its effect on a rural Oklahoma community. The novel is loosely based on actual events during the spring and summer of 1917 that culminated in a delusional spasm of defiance known as the Green Corn Rebellion.
The War to End All Wars captures the tone of this time and place through a variety of characters, chief among them the members of the Mabry family. Hard-working and principled, torn by competing loyalties and buffeted by events and circumstances beyond their control, the Mabrys are drawn into the heart of the conflict Read more »

Humankind: Why We Are What We Are Where We Are by Alexander Harcourt

A story of the biology behind the nature and distribution of humans around the world – how we spread from Africa starting maybe 60,000 years ago, why almost all native Americans are just one blood group, why the French really are biologically different from the English, why Africans are longer-legged than the rest of us and hence better athletes, why the tropics are so culturally diverse as well as biologically diverse, why only the Japanese can actually digest seaweed, how other species affect our geographic distribution, we affect theirs, and how nations affect each other’s distribution Read more »

Sex Without Apology by Beverly Dale

Even though she thinks her marriage is normal, a young minister’s wife agrees to seek marriage counseling never suspecting that the source of her husband’s unhappiness stems from her sexual ignorance and her never-told history of sexual abuse. Yet, once she hears herself say aloud, “It was only a little abuse” the genie is out of the bottle.

This first chapter lays out two of the book’s three significant questions; What is the impact of sexual abuse and ignorance on women’s sexual lives? And, how does religious repression, specifically Christianity, contribute to such wounding?
Read more »

From Monasteries to Multinationals and Back: How Beer Explains the World by Johan Swinnen and Devin Briski

The history of beer is the history of civilization. Changes in beer consumption and brewing did not only follow from scientific and economic changes but also played a major role in social, political, economic and scientific innovations and change. This book tells that story – from an economic, political, and historical perspective.

The sample outlines the main themes of the book and presents a proposed outline of five parts (including 22 chapters in total), and explains why the book is unique in its approach and its focus Read more »

Unlikely Enemies by Sam Ornstein

Action, adventure thriller about Blacks, Jews and terrorists. A bungled mugging leads Black youth, BRAYTON JAMES, 24, to collide with terrorists delivering money for an arms deal. He escapes, but, he and pal CALVIN WATKINS, 23, are marked for death by RASHID ABISALEH, 45, the cell leader. Israeli agents, trained assassins; MOISHE MUSTANG, 55, ABE LIPSKY, 60 and ARTHUR PISKY, 58, arrive to destroy the cell and foil an assassination plot. In a dramatic conclusion, the Israelis and the youths reach a final encounter with the terrorists, but can they stop the assassination plot and destroy the shipping organization Read more »

Lord Jim: The Life of Sir James Brooke, White Rajah of Sarawak by Ross Slotten

In 1839 James Brooke sailed from England to the Far East in search of adventure. Three years later, by luck and guile, he became the de facto king of northern Borneo. A book about Brooke is timely. During the last few decades, the center of gravity of the world’s economic growth has shifted eastward. By vanquishing piracy along the coast of Borneo, Brooke transformed the region, reducing the danger pirates posed to critical shipping lanes and interisland traffic. His impact on modern Southeast Asian history was as profound as that of Sir Stamford Raffles, the architect of modern Singapore Read more »

You Still Love Me by Regina Edwards-Drumm

From a very early age Regina Edwards Drumm loved to read. There were so many great books that she read growing up, but her real love affair was with the romance novel. Besides reading what she could get her hands on, she began filling up lots of notebooks with tales of her own Read more »

Nihilists in Eden by Virginia Dale

My novel recounting the filming of my first independent film and the unanticipated thrills and upsets encountered: an entertaining how-to or how-not-to for future independent filmmakers Read more »