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Amazonian Book Promo Price Comparison

You have produced your digital book. Now what? Build your book’s visibility by at least 100,000 monthly ad impressions* in a broad display network reaching websites, apps and blogs. Authorlink designs and manages the biggest and best-ever low-cost online book promotion packages (from $159-$319/month) for self-published authors and small presses! Guaranteed to deliver the minimum ad impressions stated for each package!





Tribal Leader

tribal leader

Amazonian Warrior

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 $159 / Month  Coming Soon!  Coming Soon!
Animated Ads
Targeted Audience
Monthly Reports
Estimated Impressions 100k – 200k 200k – 300k 300k – 400k
Placement in Authorlink Store X
Authorlink Store Couponing X
Authorlink Social Media Posts X X
15 Minute Consultation X X
Custom Bookmarks X X
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Professional, highly targeted management system fits your unique potential audience. 

The only thing limiting your ad reach is your budget – higher budgets mean more impressions. Pick the package that’s right for you. And you can cancel anytime. See our Amazonian Agreement.

Authorlink’s campaign management system utilizes leading search sites such as Google, iTunes and others to get truly amazonian visibility for your ad message. We do all the work and verify the results in monthly reports to you.

Guaranteed to deliver the minimum ad impressions stated for each package or we’ll refund any unrealized portion! (Pro-rated)

See more about our refund policy in Amazonian Terms. We style your ad campaign to optimize your audience reach. Note: search engine algorithms determine where your ad appears. This is a beta program. Not all features on the site may work as intended at this time–but the ad campaign does!

*an ad impression is a measure of the number of times an ad is displayed, whether it is clicked on or not. Each time an ad displays it is counted as one impression. Clicks count the number of times someone clicked on your ad.