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Amazonian Book Promotion

Get broad guaranteed online visibility for your book! 100,000 targeted ad impressions or more every month. (beta program)

You have produced your  digital book. Now what? Build your book’s visibility by at least 100,000 monthly ad impressions* in a broad display network reaching websites, apps and blogs. Authorlink designs and manages the biggest and best-ever low-cost online book promotion packages (from $159-$319/month for self-published authors and small presses!

Professional, highly targeted management system fits your unique potential audience. 

The only thing limiting your ad reach is your budget – higher budgets mean more impressions. Pick the package that’s right for you. And you can cancel anytime.

Authorlink’s campaign management system utilizes leading search sites such as Google, iTunes and others to get truly amazonian visibility for your ad message. We do all the work and verify the results in monthly reports to you.

Guaranteed to deliver the minimum ad impressions stated for each package or we’ll refund any unrealized portion! (Pro-rated)

See more about our refund policy in the Amazonian Agreement. We style your ad campaign to optimize your audience reach. Note: search engine algorithms determine where your ad appears. This is a beta program. Not all features on the site may work as intended at this time–but the ad campaign does! 

*an ad impression is a measure of the number of times an ad is displayed, whether it is clicked on or not. Each time an ad displays it is counted as one impression. Clicks count the number of times someone clicked on your ad. 


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HiRes-hunter-gathererPACKAGE A– HUNTER GATHERER (sign up now!): 100,000-200,000 monthly ad imressions

Cancel anytime with ten days notice prior to end of billing cycle

Basic display ad distribution package via a vast ad network. Authorlink manages and optimizes your ad campaign for you! All you proivde are ten descriptive words, your book cover and a few keywords.

  • Targeted monthly audience Impressions: 100,000-200,000 or more.
  • Guaranteed to attain the minimum 100,000 impressions or your money back on any unattained  impressions (pro-rated).
  • Cost: $159 per month

Package includes:

  • ​Ad placement
  • Text & animated ads distributed via Authorlink through a vast network of web sites, blogs ad apps.
  • Matched to targeted audiences that fit your keywords.
  • Guides buyers to your sales channel, or to your Authorlink listing.
  • Full monthly  report on your campaign mailed to you.
  • Three ad sizes are included in package. Size used depends on the websites where networks display the ad. Sizes below are included in your package:

    • Horizontal banners: 320×50 468×60 728×90

    • Square(ish) ads: 300×250 336×280

    • Vertical banners: 120×600 160×600

Example placement:

Ad with keywords:  Women’s Fiction and Romance

Authorlink Basic Display Ad budget: $159 monthly

Impressions: approximately 100,000-250,000+ a month. Verified in monthly reports to you.

Important Note: impressions vary depending on budget, keywords, competition and other factors)

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tribal leaderPACKAGE B–Tribal Leader (coming soon!) 200,000-300,000 + monthly ad impressions
+ Ad and Buy Button in Authorlink Store

Cancel anytime with ten days notice prior to end of billing cycle

This package includes all the features of Package A but with double ad impressions per month. PLUS these extras:

+ Authorlink Store Ad

  •  Sell directly from the Authorlink store! Earn 70% royalty o n every sale. 50,000-60,000 unique visitors a year (potential reach)–all of them book lovers!

  • Store ad included in Package B. A $25 mo. value plus one-time $25 setup, if purchased individually.        

  • Includes 120×240 pixel cover image and ten words of text (generated from your campaign ads. No custom designs offered at this time) 

  •  We do all the accounting and send you monthly sales reports and royalty payments.

  • FREE Couponing. You decide what coupon offer you want to make the reader, i.e. your book free or half off for a month. We’ll add it to your store ad. Limit one offer per month. 

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Authorlink Publishers MarketPACKAGE C–Amazonian Warrior (coming soon!) 400,000-500,000 ad impressions + monthly ad imressions + Ad and Buy Button in Authorlink Store + FREE phone consultation and more!

Cancel anytime with ten days notice prior to end of billing cycle

This package includes all the features of Package B but with a triple ad impressions per month. PLUS these extras:

+ Authorlink Social Media Presence. Reach 25,000 Authorink friends and fans FREE with Package C only

We will blurb your book once a week on Authorlink’s social network (25,000 friends and fans) for three months. Twelve blurbs in all! With purchase of Package C

+Book Marks imprinted with your book cover art.(from your Ad) FREE with Package C

            Full color bookmarks with your cover image and ten words of copy. Made from your campaign ad.

Size: 2″ x 7″ 
Paper stock: studrdy 65 # card stock

Qty 25: $30 value if purcased individually, included in Amazonian Warrior package

+FREE 15-minute consultation with one of our editors when you buy this package.

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PROMOTIONAL EXTRAS (purchase individually)

Press Release (coming soon!) 
$150 each

Professionally written 200-word press release for you to send to your own mailing list and social outlets. Ready for you to distribute to news outlets, friends, family and fans. You e-mail us a digital copy of the book. Ask for a free media distribution list.

BOOK MARKS (coming soon!)
Imprinted with your book cover art and message from your ad.

          Qty 25: $30 if purchased in addition to Package A or B. Included FREE in Package C

Qty 50:  $60 if purchased in addition to Package A or B. NOT included in Package C 
ull color bookmarks with your cover image and short message, made from your campaign ad.

Size: 2″ x 7″
Paper stock: studrdy 65 # card stock

Please note, Bookmarks are only available for those who purchase one of our promotional packages.

Colorful red or blue ballpoint pens engraved with your book title and/or web site

Qty: 25

Cost: $150

ITUNES VOICE PROMO(coming soon!)
 3-minute voice recording listed on iTunes, via Authorlink Radio channel. We’ll record your three-minutes message of your choice by phone and post it our radio channel inside iTunes!.

  • Cost: $250 setup
  • $10 per month thereafter