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Gargoyles by Alan Nayes

Pub Date: Jan 1, 2006

      Gargoyles Alan Nayes TOR 1/01/06 Trade Paperback/376 pages ISBN: 0-765-34056-9 Buy This Book     "As fantastic as the uncoiling plot at first appears, what he [the author] proposes is all too possible and very likely real." "All in all, Gargoyles has the best elements of a good horror novel." &quot Read more »

The Myth Hunters by Christopher Golden

Pub Date: Jan 1, 2006

The Myth Hunters Book 1 of The Veil Christopher Golden Bantam Dell Random House 01/01/06 Trade Paperback/350 pages ISBN: 0-553-38326-4 Buy This Book     ". . . fails to deliver a protagonist worth caring about . . . until the final chapters. . ." "Christopher Golden delivers a richly textured landscape in two Read more »

Hide Your Eyes by Alison Gaylin

Pub Date: Dec 30, 2005

  Hide Your Eyes Alison Gaylin Signet 12/30/2005 Trade Paperback/320 pages ISBN: 0-451-21448-X Buy This Book   ". . . a unique and quirky story plot that keeps the reader in suspense to the end. . ." Alison Gaylin’s romance mystery novel Hide Your Eyes sports a unique and quirky story plot that keeps Read more »

Imaginary Men by Anjali Banerjee

Pub Date: Oct 5, 2005

Imaginary Men Anjali Banerjee Downtown Press 10/05/2005 Trade Paperback/236 pages ISBN: 14165-0943-1 Buy This Book       ". . . a sweet story about Indian-Americans, strong and still-intact ties to India." ". . .the main character holds a close resemblance to the author herself… Both have families that retained many cultural practices and Read more »

I’m No Saint by Elizabeth Hayt

Pub Date: Oct 3, 2005

    I'm No Saint A Nasty little memoir of love and leaving Elizabeth Hayt Warner Books Oct. 3, 2005 Hardcover/293 pages ISBN: 0-446-53194-4 Buy This Book     "…desire for adventure, sexual fulfillment and economic independence versus our maternal instincts…" "…she delivers a message contemporary women may find worth contemplating …" When Read more »