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Expert Guidance on Publishing an Ebook

Let us guide you on publishing an ebook

Expert Guidance on Publishing an Ebook
Publishing an ebook today is not as easy as some would adverise. The rigid technical process for publishing an ebook and distributing it across key sales channels can be confusing and frustrating to many authors and small publishers. The workflow process is so precise these days that if you miss a step, you may be in deep trouble with costly remakes of the project, or a poor quality product. In the uncertain and shifting ebook world, some make-overs can’t be avoided. But we can help. Our process for publishing an ebook is designed to minimize such problems, and keep the project within the author’s budget. Please note that we do not offer editorial services in-house. Here’s a general overview of our workflow process:

Step One: Submit your source file for assessment

Submit your source document in MS Word PDF format, using the Get Price Quote form, or email attach the material to If the program is too big to transfer by email, you can use a large file transfer program such as The source file should be in its absolutely complete and final form. That means not even an editorial period or comma needs changing. This rule can help you avoid substantial revision or remake charges later in the process. You can submit a preliminary file for pricing, if only a few words are to be changed for the production version. This is riskier, because it’s possible to confuse the preliminary file with the final one. At this stage we can help guide you on setting up your accounts with retailers.

Step Two: Determine your design needs

In Step Two, we determine if the ebook needs “preformatting” (such as fixing spacing, margins, headlines, and image sizing to comply with conversion standards), and explore what sort of cover you have in mind. With us, you can forget the do-it-yourself templates you see everywhere on the web, the ones that make your work look just like everybody else’s. Your book is special; your cover and interior design should be special too! Every job is customized to fit your needs. Yes, we do use “stock” images for most of our cover designs, but that doesn’t mean a “stock” look. If you have your own photo or graphic, we can most likely design a cover around that image or start with a totally fresh concept – it’s your choice! We will also discuss with you the formats needed to target your desired retailers. It takes about three to four working days for us to return a price.

Step Three: Pick a payment method, and verify your production files

When you have approved pricing, to begin work, we’ll need a valid credit card on file. You can phone 972 402-0101, or securely fax the information to us at 866-381-1587. We’ll also need you to fill out and send us a W-9 form for resale, and to confirm that we have the “production” files in hand before we begin,

Have questions? To set  up a time for us to call and talk abut your proect, just  E-mail us with your contact information.