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Indie Thriller

The Marbella Project by Nigel James

When former SAS soldier Dan Green’s son is brutally murdered by the Russian Mafia in Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol and the Spanish police seem powerless to act, he decides to take the law into his own hands. He recruits a former comrade and the two of them embark on a revenge mission as Dan vows to bring down the family which controls organised crime along the coast.
The bullets fly and the body count rises in this high octane thriller as Dan and his colleague attack the family and its interests while the family uses all its resources to track them down. The action switches from Spain to Moscow to London and then back to Spain as both sides become increasingly desperate.
Will Dan achieve his objective or will his luck run out as the two sides chase each other across Europe…..
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Chronicles of Revenge

North is a natural killer and leader; the best the UK has seen in or out of the military. He has the senses of a wild animal and extraordinary skills with just about any weapon. His other unusual skills include accelerated healing abilities due to a regenerating injection for Zartanium poisoning after an attempt on his life at a young age, and a one hundred percent photographic memory, plus the ability to move without any sound, which for a man of his height and build is amazing, and years of military training Read more »

Last Journey of The Ark by Jerome Gainer

Author: Jerome Gainer

A multilingual New York journalist accepts a news anchor post for the second most powerful TV station in Jerusalem, Israel. She will stop at nothing to make her station number one, following any newsworthy subject—even a terrorist Read more »

The Man Who Rode the Tiger by Charles Sailor

The Man Who Rode the Tiger by Charles Sailor

David Kettering, a caring and desperate father, is pitted against the Communist Chinese government to save his daughter from execution in THE MAN WHO RODE THE TIGER. The book is the second novel by New York Times bestselling author, Charles Sailor Read more »

The Second Son by Charles Sailor

The Second Son by Charles Sailor

His name is Joseph Turner, a brave young construction worker, who rescues an imperiled co-worker trapped on a swaying iron girder twenty-four stories high-only to slip and plummet to the pavement below Read more »