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Deadwood In My Blood: Boone May, Gale Hill, Shotgun Messengers on the Deadwood Stage, and Their Historic Families

Volume 2 features U.S. Deputy Marshal Boone May, the most famous shotgun messenger working for the Deadwood Stage. He was the protector of Robbers’ Roost Station. He was the most feared lawman by road agents on the Deadwood Trail. Historians will be excited to learn about Deadwood’s most lethal gunslinger, Boone May, and his family connections to other historical Wild West icons, such as the legendary outlaw Jesse James, and legendary lawman U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves. The author gives first hand family accounts about Boone May and his family. I located a velvet photo album full of cabinet cards and tintypes in the loft of an old barn which are featured in the series. This story is about two pioneer families that produced half of the first “elite eight” guards employed to protect the Deadwood Stage in 1876. Shotgun messengers Gale Hill, Boone May, Jim May, and Bill May had been overlooked for more than a century, according to many historians familiar with early Deadwood. Boone May was undoubtedly the most active shotgun messengers employed by the Black Hills Stage and Express Company, during the height of the Gold Rush Read more »

The Bible for English Majors

“The Bible for English Majors”
Mary Anne Nunn

In an increasingly secular world, more and more students begin their university studies having never developed sufficient familiarity with the Bible to recognize even the broad outlines of the stories it contains. This text offers: “Starting points”—histories of both the biblical texts and ancient Israel, information on formats for dates and referencing, guide to the Names of God—synopses of every book in the Old and New Testaments, and an extensive “Glossary”—alphabetical entries offer definitions, pronunciations, biblical references, and references to longer treatments within the text itself Read more »

Judicial Indiscretion

The Santa Fé Trail sets the scene for drug running, money laundering, treachery, murder, and challenges to character, as Judicial Indiscretion plays out in the cactus-studded New Mexican Rio Grande Valley landscape.
Following the ritualized murder of a respected judge in Mimbres County, New Mexico, a local attorney, David Madrid, is indicted and arrested for the crime. Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Linda Lawson of The San Diego Times, prevails upon her long time friend Matt Lucas to assist in the defense of David, her brother Read more »

How Financial Circumstances Influenced Major Events in 20th-Century Ecuador

This work proposes a connection of financial circumstances with major socio-political events in 20th-century Ecuador. It highlights the state of the nation’s economy as a determinant factor in the outcome of events. Throughout the history of Ecuador, the ambivalent evolution of major political and social events, such as the stability of serving presidents, coups, and war, has had an interesting and direct relationship to the financial environment. If the economy was healthy, did the country also experience stability? If it went into disarray, did the non-financial environment follow? Data collected from the Central Bank of Ecuador, unpublished diplomatic papers, and personal documents from relevant historical figures, as well as from the work of previous historians, indicate a strong effect of financial and economic performance on major political and social events. Particularly, given the country’s dependence on three main commodities: cacao, bananas and oil, the performance of these significantly shaped 20th-century Ecuadorian history Read more »

Carb-Free Living; A Diabetic’s Decade Long Success Story

The book opens by describing how I was told by my diabetic doctor that there were early signs of retinopathy forming in my eyes. This diagnosis could ultimately lead to me losing my eyesight. I was therefore compelled to look at ways in which I could improve my health beyond my doctor’s standard advice.
Through doing my own research, I found that there were huge benefits to be gained by following a low-carb diet, and that it could even prevent type 2 diabetes. I adopted this diet myself, and document my experiences and overall results in the decade that followed.
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Humankind: Why We Are What We Are Where We Are by Alexander Harcourt

A story of the biology behind the nature and distribution of humans around the world – how we spread from Africa starting maybe 60,000 years ago, why almost all native Americans are just one blood group, why the French really are biologically different from the English, why Africans are longer-legged than the rest of us and hence better athletes, why the tropics are so culturally diverse as well as biologically diverse, why only the Japanese can actually digest seaweed, how other species affect our geographic distribution, we affect theirs, and how nations affect each other’s distribution Read more »