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No One Knows by J. T. Ellison

No One Knows by J. T Ellison

Pub Date: Feb 11, 2017

No One Knows, J. T Ellison, Gallery Books – Aubrey Hamilton has seen tragedy in her life. Orphaned at a young age, she endured a troubled youth in various state-run homes, suffering sexual abuse and neglect Read more »

Forever is the Worst Long Time by Camille Pagán

Pub Date: Dec 29, 2016

Forever is the Worst Long Time, Camille Pagán, Lake Union Publishing – In 1998 James Hernandez flies from Michigan to New York City to meet his best buddy Rob’s fiancee – and falls head over heels in love with her Read more »

Punitive Damages by Jim Lively

Punitive Damages by Jim Lively

Pub Date: Dec 29, 2016

Punitive Damages. Jim Lively, Merrimack Media – PJ is a rescued Wiemaraner dog with a mind of her own. Intelligent, by turns devious, philosophical and occasionally cunning, Read more »

John O'Hara Stories

John O’Hara stories by Charles McGrath, Editor

Pub Date: Dec 19, 2016

John O’Hara stories, Charles McGrath, Editor, Random House – Twentieth-century American author John O’Hara’s stories of everyday, familiar people are featured in a new Library of America collection, edited by Charles McGrath Read more »