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Incarnate by Josh Stolberg

Incarnate by Josh Stolberg

Pub Date: Aug 20, 2017

Incarnate, Josh Stolberg, Simon and Schuster – Based in the small Alaskan town of Jarvis, Dr. Kim Patterson is a brilliant psychiatrist with a maverick approach to her profession, but her flouting of hospital rules isn’t appreciated by her superiors Read more »

The Essential Hamilton

The Essential Hamilton, Letters and other Writings

Pub Date: Aug 15, 2017

The Essential Hamilton, Letters and other Writings, Edited with introduction by Joanne B. Freeman, Library of America – Alexander Hamilton’s extraordinary and controversial life headlines a popular musical but if you want an in-depth view of his life, Read more »


Ultimatum by Anders de la Motte

Pub Date: Jul 24, 2017

Ultimatum, Anders de la Motte, Atria Books – Detective Inspector Julia Gabrielsson of Stockholm Regional Police can’t make up her mind about the civilian investigator she’s landed as a partner Read more »

The Weight of Night by Christine Carbo

The Weight of Night by Christine Carbo

Pub Date: Jul 20, 2017

The Weight of Night, Christine Carbo, Atria – In the summer of 2016, Montana is going through a hellish period of wild fires. Flathead County is especially hard hit, and every official that can be spared is out helping evacuate those in the path of the blaze Read more »