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Creepers by David Morrell

Pub Date: Sep 15, 2005

Creepers David Morrell CDS Books 9/15/2005 Hardcover/350 pages ISBN: 1-59315-237-X Buy This Book             "Rich with description and intense with emotion and a sense of place, Morrell has penned a tale that refuses to be put away."     "The past has never been more palpably and frighteningly real.&quot Read more »

Manitou Blood by Graham Masterton

Pub Date: Sep 15, 2005

  Manitou Blood Graham Masterton Dorchester Publishing 9/15/2005 Trade Paperback/369 pages ISBN: 0-84-395425-6 Buy This Book   ". . .a tale worthy of Poe." "It?s one terror ride after another into undreamed of horror, mayhem and slinking-along-the-footsteps-of-reality fantasy." "Masterton?s exacting sense of place and characterization breathes new and horrific life into Erskine?s New York Read more »

Charmed & Dangerous by Candace Havens

Pub Date: Sep 6, 2005

  Charmed & Dangerous Candace Havens Berkley Trade 9/06/2005 Trade Paperback/272 pages ISBN: 0-425206-912 Buy This Book   "…an inherently wicked sense of humor and enough curve balls to keep the game interesting." "For a quick summer read at the beach …, Havens provides a great addition to your backpack or bag." Today is Read more »

Rebel Angels by Libba Bray

Pub Date: Aug 21, 2005

  Rebel Angels Libba Bray Delacorte Random House Aug 21, 2005 Hardcover/548 pages ISBN: 0-385-73029-2 Buy This Book   ". . . Libba Bray?s second foray into the Realms, first begun in A Great and Terrible Beauty, lives and breathes a life all its own." ". . . a world of magical and romantic Read more »

Relics by Mary Ann Evans

Pub Date: Aug 1, 2005

Relics Mary Ann Evans Poisoned Pen Press 8/01/2005 Hardcover/306 pages ISBN: 1-59058-119-9 Buy This Book             ". . . a treasure map of the human heart." Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. If the mousetrap holds the secret of immunity to Read more »