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Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane

Pub Date: Jan 24, 2006

      Riding Rockets The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut Mike Mullane Scribner 01/24/06 Hardcover/352 pages ISBN: 0743276825 Buy This Book     "In chilling detail, Mullane re-creates the final moments inside the Challenger…" "This book is about extraordinary achievements by a person who claims not to be gifted…" Riding Rockets Read more »

Crushed by Laura and Tom McNeal

Pub Date: Jan 10, 2006

  Crushed Laura and Tom McNeal Knopf 1/10/06 Hardcover/320 pages ISBN: 0-375-83105-3 Buy This Book   "To contemporary teens, Crushed may well be like looking in a mirror. And, as with looking in a mirror, young readers may not be satisfied with what they see."     Somewhere between those ancient days when Read more »

Berserk by Tim Lebbon

Pub Date: Jan 3, 2006

  Berserk Tim Lebbon Dorchester Leisure Books January 03, 2006 Trade Paperback/327 pages ISBN: 0-8439-5430-2 Buy This Book   "A master of language, Lebbon leaves the reader afraid to go to sleep?and even more afraid to put the book down." "Be afraid of things that go bump in the night. Be more afraid of Read more »

Arthur Miller: Collected Plays 1944-1961

Pub Date: Jan 1, 2006

        Arthur Miller: Collected Plays 1944-1961 Arthur Miller Edited by: Tony Kushner The Library of America 01/01/2006 Hardcover/774 pages ISBN: 1-931082-91-X Buy This Book       "Miller uncovers the masks we wear in order to be loved and accepted so that we do not end up alone. These basic truths Read more »

Gargoyles by Alan Nayes

Pub Date: Jan 1, 2006

      Gargoyles Alan Nayes TOR 1/01/06 Trade Paperback/376 pages ISBN: 0-765-34056-9 Buy This Book     "As fantastic as the uncoiling plot at first appears, what he [the author] proposes is all too possible and very likely real." "All in all, Gargoyles has the best elements of a good horror novel." &quot Read more »

The Myth Hunters by Christopher Golden

Pub Date: Jan 1, 2006

The Myth Hunters Book 1 of The Veil Christopher Golden Bantam Dell Random House 01/01/06 Trade Paperback/350 pages ISBN: 0-553-38326-4 Buy This Book     ". . . fails to deliver a protagonist worth caring about . . . until the final chapters. . ." "Christopher Golden delivers a richly textured landscape in two Read more »

Hide Your Eyes by Alison Gaylin

Pub Date: Dec 30, 2005

  Hide Your Eyes Alison Gaylin Signet 12/30/2005 Trade Paperback/320 pages ISBN: 0-451-21448-X Buy This Book   ". . . a unique and quirky story plot that keeps the reader in suspense to the end. . ." Alison Gaylin’s romance mystery novel Hide Your Eyes sports a unique and quirky story plot that keeps Read more »

Imaginary Men by Anjali Banerjee

Pub Date: Oct 5, 2005

Imaginary Men Anjali Banerjee Downtown Press 10/05/2005 Trade Paperback/236 pages ISBN: 14165-0943-1 Buy This Book       ". . . a sweet story about Indian-Americans, strong and still-intact ties to India." ". . .the main character holds a close resemblance to the author herself… Both have families that retained many cultural practices and Read more »

I’m No Saint by Elizabeth Hayt

Pub Date: Oct 3, 2005

    I'm No Saint A Nasty little memoir of love and leaving Elizabeth Hayt Warner Books Oct. 3, 2005 Hardcover/293 pages ISBN: 0-446-53194-4 Buy This Book     "…desire for adventure, sexual fulfillment and economic independence versus our maternal instincts…" "…she delivers a message contemporary women may find worth contemplating …" When Read more »

Creepers by David Morrell

Pub Date: Sep 15, 2005

Creepers David Morrell CDS Books 9/15/2005 Hardcover/350 pages ISBN: 1-59315-237-X Buy This Book             "Rich with description and intense with emotion and a sense of place, Morrell has penned a tale that refuses to be put away."     "The past has never been more palpably and frighteningly real.&quot Read more »