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Book Reviewers’ Digital Galley Service

How to access our FREE Book Reviewers' Digital Galley Service

Independent authors who post titles in our Digital Galley Service seek to have their books reviewed by readers who influence consumers to read and buy books. If you are a professional book reviewer, journalist, librarian, bookseller, educator, or book blogger, you can request FREE access to a PDF review copy of any new or soon-to-be-released book by by a participating author.

PDF files can be read on most any computer, and also on eReaders such as Nook, Kindle, and iPad. For graphic-heavy books, there may be some formatting issues, but the text will be readable.

If you can help our member authors spread the word about their books and create buzz for their upcoming titles, simply navigate to the Indie Book Reviews page, find an author whose galley you'd like to receive, and click  REQUEST DIGITAL REVIEW ACCESS. Add your name, company and e-mail address.  The system will automatically alert the author, who will e-mail you a special password to the book. Click the link in the return e-mail, enter the code, then download a secure read-only PDF .  No pre-approval or registration is required, but the author reserves the right to refuse the service to anyone.

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If you are an author and want to add your Indie Review or Digital Galley to our service, please check out our PREMIUM SERVICES