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Author Jon Land Billed as “The New King of Suspense”

Aug 13, 2008 | Format: Video | Contributor: Doris Booth

Jon Land has written 27, but his most exciting one yet is The Seven Sins, The Tyrant Ascending. New York Times bestselling author James Rollins has called Land “the new king of suspense.” The central character Michael Tiranno, is based loosely on the life of a real-life real estate mogul Fabrizio Boccardi. The Seven Sins is the first in a series of books featuring Tiranno. Boccardi, like the fictional character Tiranno, is building a casino in Las Vegas named The Seven Sins.
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Christopher Reich, New York Times Bestselling Author Talks About His Magical Career and Latest Novel, Rules of Deception

Jul 25, 2008 | Format: Video | Contributor: Doris Booth

Christopher Reich considers himself lucky. He sold his first book for $700,000. Before becoming a full-time novelist, Christopher Reich worked for a major Swiss bank in Geneva and later for its department of mergers and acquisitions in Zurich. He is the New York Times bestselling author of five acclaimed novels, including Numbered Account, and The Runner. His latest novel, Rules of Deception, was released in July Read more »

NY Times Bestselling Author Kimberla Lawson Roby Began as a Self-Published Writer

Apr 30, 2008 | Format: Video | Contributor: Doris Booth

New York Times Bestselling Author, Kimberla Lawson Roby, has written ten novels which include, SIN NO MORE, LOVE & LIES, CHANGING FACES, THE BEST-KEPT SECRET, TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING, A TASTE OF REALITY, IT’S A THIN LINE, CASTING THE FIRST STONE, HERE AND NOW, and her debut title, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, which was originally self-published through her own company, Lenox Press. Authorlink talked with Ms. Roby recently while she was in Dallas for an appearance at the Writer’s Garret Read more »

Mind of Your Story by Lisa Lenard Cook: Discover What Drives Your Fiction

Mar 29, 2008 | Format: Video | Contributor: Doris Booth

A great story has a way of seducing you, of pulling you in and taking you along for the ride, like it has a mind of it’s own. Lisa Lenard Cook talks to Authorlink about how to reach beyond the basics of story creation to nourish one’s obsessions and get inside his or her own story world Read more »

Keep Working Toward Your Goal, Successful Debut Novelist CJ Lyons Advises

Feb 26, 2008 | Format: Video | Contributor: Doris Booth

Trained as a physician in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, she has assisted police and prosecutors with cases involving child abuse, rape, homicide and Munchausen by Proxy. She has worked in numerous trauma centers, on the Navajo reservation, as a crisis counselor, victim advocate, as well as a flight physician for Life Flight and Stat Medevac Read more »