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The Jillie Effect

Author Name: William Nesbit




Jillie Lange is a feisty and resourceful 15-year-old who should be at home in St. Louis. Instead, she’s fleeing town on a Greyhound bus with her mother, Ada, along with money and incriminating papers belonging to a crime boss. Arriving in Phoenix, they encounter police detective Luis Faro, a man suffering severe vertigo and mired in guilt resulting from an automobile accident that killed his wife. Assigned to investigate Ada and Jillie, Luis finds himself on a collision course with the revenge fueled mobster at the same time he learns the accident that killed his wife was no accident.

Length of Sample (in words): 7,234

Experience, Credits and/or Awards:

I have over thirty years of experience as a writer working as a newspaper reporter, a corporate public relations manager, and owner of a marketing & technical communications company. I’m now retired. I’ve published numerous articles in general-interest and trade magazines, written dozens of strategic planning and issue-analysis publications, and served as a mentor at the writing center of a local college. This is my first novel.