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The Rat-boys of Karalabad by Zulfiqar Rashid

The Rat-boys of Karalabad by Zulfiqar Rashid




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After learning that his parents are not only alive but living only a few hours away in the city, Omar, the heir to the ancient shrine of Karalabad, decides to meet them, risking his very life as he sneaks from under the watchful eye of Pir Sahib, the holy man with a black, evil heart, who at one time Omar thought was his father. 

While Omar has some fond memories of his childhood, his life take a drastic turn when he runs into a 'Rat-boy' – one of the many mysteries of the shrine.Through this unplanned encounter, Pir Sahib rips the veil of innocence from Omar's eyes, accelerating his training and vividly showing Omar that to disobey is to court death. After living through heart-wrenching loss, and being forced to commit unspeakable acts of terror and cruelty, when Omar stands face-to-face with his real parents, he knows he must find any means possible to run away from his life of lies. But even when he does the unimaginable with the help of the lovely Zarina, can he really escape the brutal grasp of the three hundred year history of the shrine?

About the Author

Zulfiqar Rashid was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and spent the first eighteen years of his life in Pakistan and France. As a regular contributor to various newspapers, Zulfiqar has written extensively, recounting his travels to Pakistan, and about major figures in the Pakistani artistic and cultural scene. Zulfiqar is also an accomplished artist and calligrapher, whose art has been featured in the San Diego Union Tribune. His works have been exhibited at galleries in San Diego, Del Mar, and La Jolla, as well as the San Diego Art Institute and the San Diego Port Authority's 'I Madonnari' festival.