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The Edward Hewitt’s Story by Jana Meador



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The Edward Hewitt's Story
Jana Meador

Historical romance

Edward Hewitt takes us through the incredible life he has lived. We discover the legacy in an old vintage ring that has been in his family for over a century. Then we uncover his father Lloyd’s secret. There is also Edward’s strong bond through a silver lighter, that his uncle brought from the Klondike, when he was gold mining. Later on, the lighter’s engraved text brings two complete strangers together and bonds them for the rest of their lives.

Young Edward meets Dorothy Harris, who is smart and beautiful and forever captures Edward’s heart. Their lives are interrupted in the midst of WWII. While Edward joins the army and fights as a Lieutenant over Europe, Dorothy decides to leave her native Texas and travels to New York to become a nurse. There, besides the hospital work, she also experiences a world full of new cultures and meets new friends. The only contact between Dorothy and Edward, her husband, are their powerful lover letters. When Edward’s plane is shot down, and the love letters stop arriving from him, Dorothy refuses to accept, that he may have died. Her strong love for Edward and her sixth sense keep her believing that her husband will come home.