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The Man Who Rode the Tiger by Charles Sailor



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The Man Who Rode the Tiger
Charles Sailor

ISBN: 9780983854234

David Kettering, a caring and desperate father, is pitted against the Communist Chinese government to save his daughter from execution in THE MAN WHO RODE THE TIGER. The book is the second novel by New York Times bestselling author, Charles Sailor.

Expelled from China on the day of her sentencing, and with only seven days to save her life Kettering takes matters into his own hands. As the clock runs down, and with only hours to spare, Kettering finally discovers he has something viable to trade—the one thing China cannot allow to exist. When he notifies the Chinese authorities of his bargaining chip he becomes a marked and relentlessly hunted man.

THE MAN WHO RODE THE TIGER validates the belief that a single individual has the power to alter the world in a positive way, no matter the odds.

The thriller is the first in a planned series of David Kettering novels by Charles Sailor. His New York Times bestselling novel THE SECOND SON had an unprecedented initial first printing of 1.2 million copies. Charles Sailor is also the author and screenwriter of over forty television shows including Charlie’s Angels, Rockford Files, Chips and Kojak. Charles was also an actor on the television series Return to Peyton Place.

Both books are available as e-books for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, Barnes & Noble Nook and other major retail outlets at $8.99.