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Book Publishers: Which One Is Best for You?

When assessing the best book publishers for your manuscript the first question is whether to go the traditional publishing route—that is, to search for an editor or agent who might offer to pay a hefty advance and royalty to publish your book, or to choose to self publish. 

There once was a time when self publishing was a dirty word. These days, however, it is extremely difficult for a new writer to attract a traditional publisher such as Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster. Industry mergers, down-sizing, and re-tooling over the past decade, have left less than six large trade publishers standing. Tighter budgets and the shrinking number of brick-and-mortar bookstore outlets have made many large publishers shun all but a lucky few new authors. It is simply too hard and too expensive for the large, lumbering publishing houses to market a new author, and turn a profit on the product.

As a result, literary agents have cut the number of clients they represent to traditional publishers. Many once-thriving agencies have simply gone out of business, or quit accepting new clients.  So where does this leave the author who is trying to break in?

Self Publishing as a Viable Alternative

Self publishing–once stigmatized as "vanity" publishing–has now become a respectable alternative for authors and small publishers.  You can now publish and distribute your work to readers via major retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. A number of services offer digital publishing, but they are not all alike. Many do not have the credentials to do the complex programming often needed for ebook conversion. Others take over your publishing rights, restricting your distribution only through them. And most take a tidy fee for distributing your work, in addition to the fees you must pay to the resellers such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The Authorlink Way

At Authorlink our approach to book publishing is different. First, we are certified by every major vendor, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, Kobo and more. Our conversions meet the requirements of these large vendors. We provide you with the finished files for your target retailers and guide you through your own distribution. So you save money and have complete control over your content. 

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